Important! Due to Technical reasons, our Phone Line will be closed today Mon, 22 Oct 2018, for any query please use our Contact Form or 24/7 Support.
  • 1. A Support Ticket Related to following booking matters will usually replied in 24 hours
    • 1.1 New Booking
    • 1.2 Amend / Extend Booking
    • 1.3 Cancel Booking
    • 2. A Support Ticket Related to following complain matter will usually take up to 7 working days to reply
      • 2.1 Late Vehicle Pickup / Return
      • 2.2 Minor / Major Vehicle Damage
      • 2.3 No Service Provided
    Note : A2Z Airport Parking LTD is a booking agent for the advertised car park. We do not collect, store or drive customers vehicle and we do not own a car park.